Monday, April 20, 2009

I love springtime!!

Its such a BEAUTIFUL day just puts me in a great mood. I'm back at school today, was out all last week for spring break..but did not have much time to relax!

We gave Aly her baby shower on the 11th, and it turned out so great! Lots of people showed up, and she got BUNCHES of stuff! We had fun, played some corny little shower games, and ate lots! (I actually got off my diet for the day so I could eat cake and also because we had a crawfish boil later that evening and I wanted to pig OUT...and pig out i did..haha! I think i deserve it...Ive somehow gotten myself down to my goal weight finally!) Anyways, me and Chad bought her the crib that she and Jody picked out, and she was thrilled. I also made her an enormous diaper cake that I was very proud surprised myself with how well it turned out! It was fun to make and decorate, but transporting it to Natchez while keeping it intact...not so fun. Ha!

On Wednesday, Duke had an appointment to get neutered. Finally. Hopefully, this will deter him from trying to escape to go see his ladies down the road! Now, I must say that we have always been proud of how well behaved our dog is everywhere we bring him. So you can imagine my surprise when he turned into an absolute maniac upon arrival at the vet hospital (he had never been there, I usually give all our animals their shots to save money on vet bills, with all our animals, we would be seriously bankrupt if I didn't!) So, when I get him out of the truck, I'm not expecting him to rip my right arm off by pulling, because he is usually perfect on a leash. So we enter the building, me jerking with all my might and yelling "DUKE>>>HEEL!" And he starts barking and wagging his tail while pulling me around the room as he greeted everybody. I was no match. He is massive. People just stared! LOL...So, we get seated and I just hold onto his collar, and all is good, until the tech calls me up to the counter. From the spot we were seated to where she stood was about 15 or 20 feet we had to walk, and in that short distance, my dog managed to trip a woman, grab a toy off the shelf that was for sale, and grab a poor chihuahuas legs in his mouth as her owner was holding her, trying to jerk her away ( he wasn't being vicious...not a mean bone in his body! just playful, but still....seriously...). So I tell the tech, a 90 lb girl, that she may need me to walk him back because he is acting psychotic. She says...well i have this choke leash that will stop all that pulling she puts it on him, and I hear her being absolutely DRAGGED down the hall as I leave. Seriously. I'm writing a book too, because Marley has nothing on my lab.

Of course the story couldn't stop there, because the next day at home he rips out his stitches, and is now on strong sedatives until it heals so as to calm him down, and also is wearing the good old lampshade collar!

Saturday, we drove to Jackson to pick up a truck we bought..its Chad's dream truck...its all I have heard about since we have been I'm happy my hunny finally found one we could afford! Its a 71 chevy, and needs some body work, but the engine is perfect. I cant wait to see it all fixed up. And so now I have pretty much got him convinced that I need a Jeep Wrangler now..for the summertime! And for a playtoy :) The one I used to have, he wrecked, back when I was in high school..and Ive wanted another one ever we are on the lookout for one!
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