Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ok I admit I suck at not keeping up with my blogs!

Its been awhile! Lots has happened!

I finished my first semester of business school, and so far I love it!! Something just clicks, and I get it. I think I have found my niche :) Not to say that I cant still work with animals one day...we will just have to see. Maybe I can start up a rescue organization one day, that would be awesome. Anyways, I started summer school last week and am taking nine hours. Part of me wishes I could have just taken the summer off and relaxed a while, but the more aggressive part keeps saying to push through and finish this stuff ASAP! I have been in school forever, and can finally say that I am ready to graduate business school, snatch up my MBA and never look back! Ha! (Knowing me, Ill get too tempted by the thought of only having to go through two additional years after that to get "Dr." added to my name, and Ill end up pursuing that....(I'm starting to believe my career is just going to be "professional student :)"

Our summer has been great so far! We have gotten to spend a lot of time with friends and family, have gone camping, had fishing weekends, etc.. and we have a couple trips lined up before the summer is through. Cant wait! My dad was FINALLY transferred back down here ( to Brookhaven from Tennessee) so he, Shelbi and the kids have moved back. I am so excited about that, I adore those kids. They have all grown into really great people, not like the rambunctious little youngsters they used to be! And Hannah is my shadow...she is such a sweetie.

Ok now to the biggest news...I have a new nephew! Jaxon Thomas Rabb came into the world at 1031 PM on June 6, 2009, weighing in at 7 lbs and 5 ounces, 20 inches long, and looking just like his daddy! Aly did SO SO SO great. She is so tiny, so everyone envisioned her having a rough time with labor. I guess she showed us ! Her labor was textbook. After walking around about two weeks dilated to 3 cm, she said she was DETERMINED to have him while I was down that weeekend. So she walked up and down her LONG driveway about 15 times on the 5th, and went into labor the morning of the 6th, with contractions about 7 minutes apart. By around 1 pm at the hospital, they were two mins apart, and her water broke about 5 o clock. She got her epidural around 7 o clock, and QUICKLY dilated from three to eight! Started pushing at 1005, he was here at 1031. We had quite a scare, because he wasn't breathing as great as he should have. He had swallowed some of the myconium (I'm sure all you moms know what that is!) and some was in his lungs. He never cried, and looked a little purple (Ok a LOT purple) at first, which scared us bad. They took him to the nursery and began to try and rouse him to get him to cry. After poking needles into his feet, he uttered his first lil cry :( They then suctioned out his airway (LOTS of the gunk came out) and put him in an oxygen hood for about an hour. But after that, all was well!! He began to cry, and was brought in to his mommy around midnight. I'm smitten. I knew I would love him immediately, but wow, I had no idea how crazy over him I would get! I feel so close to him, and Aly too. Over the course of her pregnancy, her and I have gotten even closer. She has grown up ALOT and we relate to the same things. She seems to be on my level now, like for example a few weeks ago I caught her getting onto Ashley for speeding, I mean really chewing her out! I had to smile, because I remember doing it to Aly. I love her so much, and I must say that at the hospital after the birth, even though I love my lil Jaxon to pieces, my heart was with my sister, and I just wanted to be beside her and make sure she was ok afterwards and hug hug hug her. Ok this is turning into a journal entry rather than a blog...ha!

P.S. His pics are on myspace!
P.P.S. Yes, I now have baby fever...more like the baby flu! Ha!