Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok can I just say that this semester is dragging on and on like you would not believe!? Spring break starts next Thursday for me, and I will be out that whole next week until the next Monday. But I don't know if it will ever get here. Seriously. As a college student who has been in school for centuries, I can honestly say that although spring semester is said to be the same amount of time as fall, I beg to differ. Although the calendar says otherwise, I think its much longer. Maybe its just me, and the longing for summer to be here with its carefree days of doing nothing but riding horses, picnicing, camping and swimming in the creeks...but wait! That cant be it because, oh yeah, I will be in school all summer long! Well, at least my schedule is great for my summer classes, and in the fall I only have classes on Tues and Thurs so woo hoo! That means when we leave for Vegas on Fri, Oct 30, and come back on Mon, Nov. 9, I will have only missed one Tuesday and one Thursday of classes. That makes me happy!

Anyway, now that my rant about school is over, I can get to updating u on life. I haven't blogged in awhile, but things are pretty much the same around Campbell Zoo, hehe! Once again, we had plans to go camping at Brushey Creek all weekend with our friends John and Alicia, and once again, our plans got canceled due to weather. My poor hubby. He really wanted to go. So, we went to Natchez instead and listened to our friend Jeffrey's band on Sat night at the Moose Lodge, which was quite comical because we never go there, and there were so many 'elderly' people there, we felt out of place without a cane! But man did they have some moves! anyways, we came home yesterday only to find that our two outside dogs, Duke and Montana, were gone. Oh great. I knew we should have brought them to Natchez, but decided against it at the last minute. So we searched for hours, driving around in my car, and then on the four wheeler, and then on foot. We asked anyone and everyone we saw. I cannot imagine what it feels like to have a missing child, if I was this worried about my dogs! So when we had looked for hours, everywhere we possibly could, we went home to wait, and I just fell apart on our bed and cried my eyes out. Chad tried to tell me they would be back, but I just felt so helpless. Ugh. Anyway, we had a neighbor coming to help us unload hay, so we had to go out to the pasture to get a spot ready to put it. As we were out there, I see the horses all looking out toward our back pasture, like they heard something. I look, and there's Duke! Running full speed toward us. It was a total 'Homeward Bound' moment. We were so thrilled (He came back right at 7 o clock, which is what time Chad gets home from work, so Chad swears thats the reason he came back at that time, to see his daddy! He loves that dog like u would not believe) Anyways, we look around, and there is no Montana. She is only six months old, and I was in panic mode, because without Duke, I didn't think she would ever make it back from who knows where. So we start calling for her, and just as I was about to go call and get her face put on a milk carton (hehe), Chad says "Look!" and there is a white speck ALL the way across our neighbors pasture, a good two football fields in length. I don't know how he saw her. His eyes are awesome. So she is running toward us, and I cannot even yell at them, all I can do is hug and love them, even though they stink to HIGH HEAVEN! Like an unimaginable amount of stink. So Duke and Montana, my two Houdini babies, are now bathed and stink free and safe and happy, with their little booties tied up in the backyard until Chad installs our electric fence this weekend! Whew!

In other news...umm...well I guess there is no other news! So I guess I better go work on school stuff now! Peace!


  1. I'm so glad Duke and Montana are home safe and sound! Little runaways:-)

  2. I need a spring break too! Too bad Chase doesn't offer one.

    Ok here's sad but true story from the Reeves family... We got home after we had been gone for the weekend and Cannon didn't come running to the gate like he usually does. I was like "OMG Is cannon back there???" Charlie says "Man we couldn't be so lucky for someone to steal that dumb dog!" We are so pathetic. Want Cannon to come live on the Campbell farm!?! lol