Friday, March 13, 2009

There goes our weekend.....

Hello! I have four hours between now and my next class, so i figured i would blog a little..:)

Yesterday was a great day..I had no class, and Chad stayed home from work because his kidneys were hurting that morning, but were better later in the day...(we have been having alot of trouble with his kidneys...not sure if he ever passed his stone, the pain comes like once every three days. I made him an appt with the urologist so we can see what the heck is going on) So anyways, once he felt better, we went and ate at Cate Street Seafood in that place! I was wanting boiled shrimp...and it was GOOOD. After that, we headed back home and started burning piles on our back nine acres..we had a guy come and clear our land off (and he charged a PRETTY PENNY to do that...I need to just buy a bulldozer and go into that business!) and so there are virtually no trees on our land anymore, so now this spring we can start discing and planting bermuda grass..I cant wait for it to look like a nice green pasture instead of a dirt tract haha. Anyway, so we burned four HUGE piles of trees the guy had knocked over and piled up...the fires were GARGANTUOUS..I got a little nervous! I think astronauts probably saw them from space! While burning one pile near our pond, a GIANT water moccasin came out of it and bee lined it to our pond. Definitely the longest, fattest, scariest snake I have ever been within two feet of. Chad said he was about 5 ft, and big around as a 20 oz coke bottle. That big triangle head was enough to send me running! We spent the next two hours circling the pond with one of Chads guns, and he only stuck his head up once! Our neighbor, Mr. Jimmy, said they can hold their breath up to two hours, which I found hard to believe, but if they can, then WOW! We never got him, and the thought of him still being out there scares me! The horses stay in the pond all day swimming when its hot, plus my mallard ducks are in there, and Duke jumps in everytime we let him! So pray that none of us or our babies get bitten!!!

Our plans for the weekend were to go to Brushey Creek in Gloster with our friends John and Alicia. We were gonna camp out all weekend and ride horses. There are PLENTY of trails there, and people are all over the place riding, its so fun! We were even going to leave the camper at home and just bring a tent...really rough it out in the wild haha..BUT>>>>its going to rain Saturday and Sunday, so there goes our weekend! I was so eager to ride, its been a long winter not being able to because of the coldness, and I always look forward to spring and summer for that purpose..Guess Ill have to wait a lil longer!

I have been busy planning Aly's shower...the invitations i sent out were TOO CUTE! I spent last weekend with her while in Natchez, and we had a great time. That girl can EAT! Everytime she ate some of momma's homemade cheese ball, Jaxon would kick! Hard! He either liked it or hated it, haha. I got to feel it...It was amazing...Gosh I cant wait to meet him!!

Ok, so now I'm going to work on my inventory project, since its due Monday...everyone have a great weekend!

LoVe .....................................

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