Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bow Chicka Wow Wow!

I can tell this early into the semester that Tuesday and Thursday are going to be days full of idle time, which I hate!! I have no class these two days, and I don't know what to do with free time! Ha! It has only been about two weeks, and I have cleaned house from top to bottom, spent all the time I possibly can with the horses without freezing to death, and have spent time doing all of my school assignments in advance. Honesty, there is nothing left to do! Soooo...I have decided to try to get a part time job, and the reasoning for this is because I want to have some kind of experience once my master's degree is completed, because lets face it, NOT gonna sound very impressive when I tell them my last job was WAY BACK when I worked at Dr. Gregg's office. Also, I would like to get my foot in the door some way with a company I may potentially work for one day. By the way, for those of you who don't know...I haven't quite decided exactly what I want to do now that I'm not going to vet school right now. I know I will have my MBA, and it will be a cinch to find a job at any financial institution,( such as a loan officer that works my way up to bank president haha), or any management of any sort of business, including hospitals and such. But I just have nothing specific in mind. One thing I do know is that I LOVE and WANT TO travel. The thought of working in a hotel/hospitality environment has been in my thoughts because once you work your way up as a manager or just overall important person in the hotel industry, they start sending you all over to help open up new hotels. Fun! But who knows. My DREAM (as I have shared numerous times with my friends) would be to work for the PBR, like with media relations and event planning. In fact, they are offering a job on their site RIGHT NOW , Corporate Services Manager, that would be everything I wanted. You would travel every weekend to the event and help get everything going by communicating with the owners of the venue for that event. Also responsible for ongoing communications with sponsors and bringing in potential new sponsors. You would set up the live events, and make sure everything runs smoothly, and let the guys know what they gotta do. WoW. I know it is so unrealistic, but I just wish they would freeze that job for another year or so (they ask for a Masters in some sort of business...BINGO!) Anyways...a girl can dream, right?? That may be the underlying reason why I have opted out of having kids right now, because I am hoping once I get out of school that some awesome job with exciting travel opportunities will fall right into my lap and become my career! Wish me luck on that one!

Anyway, I am happy to report that I have found low carb bloggers! Woo hoo!I have already gotten so many tasty recipes from them and can't wait to try the others. Its so inspiring to see how much weight others have lost, and I am only wanting to lose about ten or fifteen more, so if they can do it, so can I! I lost thirty lbs before the wedding, and had gained seven back...oops...*whistling*....but since the New Year, I have been on the diet and am finally back at the wedding weight! Just a lil more to go....

One more thing, Aly and Jody are having a boy!!!!! I cant wait! We have never had a lil boy around, cant wait!! Im going to town to throw her a baby shower on April 11....She is the cutest pregnant girl I have ever seen! LOL...maybe Ill quit hearing from my mom and family about getting a grandchild from me right now!

Ok, Buckshot keeps bringing me his toy snake, so I gotta end this blog and play his favorite game , tug o war! Love to all~~Kasey


  1. omg what happened...somehow you got deleted from my blog list??? anywho, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? you're not going to vet school and ally is having a boy...WE REALLY NEED TO HAVE A TRIP TO LA FIESTA AND CATCH UP! charlie is sitting here while i'm reading and i told him you weren't going to vet school and he said "She's prolly tired of diggin up horse butt" lol. Being an event coordinator person sounds like SO much fun. I wish I had time to run an events planning business on the side...I love planning parties (ok not like raves, i'm talking 1 yr old princess parties, hehe, and weddings and such!) So when you're dream comes true, I'll work for you!

    So when is Ally due? Is her shower in Vidalia? SO EXCITING....have a good wkend girl. And, not to worry, I have put you BACK ON THE BLOG LIST! :)

  2. ok charlie just told me PBR is bull riding after i told him i might work for you. lol, i am so crazy i was thinking it was like an event planning company. so...umm....don't know much about bull riding, maybe i'm not qualified to work for you after all! :)