Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can a Sista Get a Coughdrop?

Ok. I have come to realize that apparently I am not the best at taking time to write blogs! It takes a whole lot of telling myself I gotta do it for me actually to sit down and do one. But here I am...because I am at home on the couch, in my robe because I cant get warm enough, and coughing my head off, and I have no excuse not to do a blog! Ha...

All I can say poor poor hubby. Last week was a bad one for him. He had been complaining to me about (dont laugh) burning when he urinated. The way he described it sounded like a kidney infection, like he had been drinking too many cokes and needed some cranberry juice and some Azo's. He had never had one before, so we just decided that was the cause. Well...Monday night of last week, we are in bed and he starts getting restless, moaning and groaning, and obviously uncomfortable. He says his back feels like its on fire , and the pain keeps coming in waves. So I'm racking my brain....painful urination, BAD back pain (where kidney is located) , and it hits me...he has a dreaded kidney stone! So its about 1030 pm, I talk him into going to the ER (which actually wasn't very hard because, although he is usually very tolerant of pain, this pain was quickly becoming unbearable) and by the time we are in the truck headed for North Oaks in Hammond, the pain is constant. He cant sit still, and keeps telling me to HURRY!! That was the longest 20 miles I have ever driven!

When we got to the ER, they looked busy. Thankfully, (probably because of the fact that Chad was sprawled out on the waiting room floor moving all around and almost in tears) they called us back quick. We wait for the doc in that exam room for what seems like ETERNITY. There's Chad, in his hospital gown, pacing the room, curling up on the floor in random places, screaming while I tried my best to comfort him (I have never felt so helpless!). He even vomited (yuck, i know) from the pain. Finally, they get an IV in him, give him meds to make him more comfy, and take him to x ray. I waited, trying to believe what I had just experienced. It was It was unreal.

Low and behold, my better half had himself a kidney stone that was 3 millimeters in diameter. At 4 mm, the are unable to pass and have to be crushed. So in other words, his was the biggest possible size that can usually pass on its own We go to the 24 hr Walgreens to fill his pain meds and make it home right at 5 AM. Then, before he went into a coma from the meds, the last thing he said to me was that if this is what it was like to have a baby, we can adopt.

The next day was much better, and now, over a week later, he is still not hurting. But the mystery is that we have yet to see the stone? The doc sent us home with a small strainer he has to pee through (its funny looking, and yes, I admit that I may have used it once to check if I had a stone, just for fun) and he has used it every time with no stone. So..? I don't know, I'm just happy he is normal again.

Anyways, so it was an interesting week. I went to Natchez this past weekend, and my friends and I had a girls weekend to make up for my bachelorette party where I got sick at 10 PM..haha. We had an awesome time!

I only wish I felt better now...I had to miss school today and I hate missing class...but I'm sure my fellow classmates would not appreciate my cough every 2 1/2 seconds, and my hacking

Maybe I'll be better tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to use my wipes to sanitize this keyboard because I have germed it up real nice from all my coughing, then I am taking Mucinex and laying back down. ZZZZzzzz




  1. good thing he has you, cause he probably would've put off going to the doctor 'til it got REALLY bad! hope he's feeling better soon :)

  2. he works for a company that manufactures drilling equipment. they supply him with a new truck (a chevy silverado Z71) and a gas card. and then whenever any drilling rigs need equipment or parts, daniel brings it out to them and then his company bills the rig. unfortunately he gets paid salary (i wish it was by the hour though :) but he also gets commission off his sales, so it's a really good job. but probably not at all what you would be interested in, lol!

  3. omg poor chad. and he is just as sweet as he's always been (saying that you can just adopt) - what a great guy :)