Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Im going to make it! feels like the best day Ive had in over a week...I have been so sick...and I never get sick! I was a terrible sight, laying in bed all day every day for a week. Nothing had a taste, I couldnt smell was bad. The only thing I could make myself eat was cheetos and orange juice...what a combo haha! But finally, about yesterday, I got my sense of smell back! I had taken a bath, blew my nose real hard, and got a whiff of Herbal Essences from my hair. I yelled to Chad that I just smelled my hair! He was like...ok?? Ha! But can I just say my husband is the best! He took such good care of me and spoiled me when I was sick..the whole bringing me a cold rag for my head and everything...he is always good to have around when i feel bad..I guess he was returning the favor from me taking care of him in his last emergency! Boy, only about4 months into our marriage and we have already put the " in sickness and in health" part to the test!

I am ecstatic that I live in LA right now because we are out Mon-Wed for Mardi Gras next week, and since I only have class on MWF, that means next week, I go to school....Friday! Thats it! Yay...

Lets see...what else is going on? Aly sent me a pic of her belly last is the most adorable thing ever! Her last 4d pic was unreal...his forehead was wrinkled like he was thinking about something or was mad because of his pic being taken! Lol...gosh I cant wait to meet him...she is considering the name Jaxon and calling him Jax...I love it!

I should be ashamed to admit this, because I am such an advocate for spaying and neutering your pets, but my kitty, Delilah, is still not spayed and had a litter of kittens this morning! I cant help but be excited, but i still feel guilty. Mark my word, she is getting fixed asap. (I got to watch and help with the birth before I left for class...she meowed at the door till I came out, then she took me to her basket I made her, and started pushing one out! She wanted me with sweet!)

Ok gotta go...8 o clock snuck up on me and I have to get to my next class!




  1. that is sweet - both about chad and the new kittens =) and how far along is aly? my little sister, sarah, had her first baby this past week. it was a boy and she named him 'leon wayne'. i tried to talk her out of the name, but she told me that until i pushed a baby out of my own "v" that only then could i input my opinion on to say that i left it at that =)

  2. aww chad is such a good hubby! and congrats on the kittens...too bad charlie is allergic or i'd take one!

    glad you're feeling better and have fun during mardi gras...