Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day!!!

Hey peeps! This blog may be short because I am anxious to get outside...its gorgeous out there and it feels like a waste to stay inside on a day like this...so I am going to tidy up the yard and then give all the horses a MUCH needed grooming session.

Not too much has been going on lately..I am out of school all week except for Friday because of Mardi Gras..woo hoo! I contemplated going to Natchez for a few days, but Chad found out he is off Sat (his first Sat in a while!) so I decided to wait and go home with him this weekend. I am anxious to see my family! Momma is having a fish fry out on the lake Sat afternoon, so that should be fun...and I get to see my sissers! I miss living around them :(

We received some good news yesterday..Chad is getting promoted again! He must have them all fooled at work, making them think he's a good guy or something! Just kidding, but he is a Foreman, Class 1 right now, and they are moving him up to a Foreman, Class 3 which is the highest class. It comes with a 2.00/hr raise..which will definitely help out with our Vegas fund for this year. I dont know how he got promoted while the economy is so bad and some of our friends are getting laid off..its scary for so many people right now, and I continue to pray for everyone in that situation, even my bestie Jessica's hubby's job is looking a little unsure...

I'm on the low carb diet, as mentioned in a previous blog, and am doing good so far! I'm staying motivated, so thats a plus. I just hate that I am not one of those ppl who can eat whatever and never ever gain...ugh! Oh well...I'm not, so I cant cry over spilled milk..hehe! We have alot of plans this summer, like a camping trip to Brushey Creek, a trip to the coast, a getaway with friends to Gatlinburg in the works, and of course, VEGAS this fall! So I want to be able to be skinny and enjoy myself...lol...

Ok...gotta get my butt outside!


Kasey Kimball Campbell...lol


  1. omg you ARE Skinny so have have a frickin carb! lol...Congrats to Chad! and i can't wait till Avery can come ride horses :)

  2. O I love my saddle! I was not even looking for one and we were on ebay and my husband said get it! SO I did! We plan on riding there some this summer too maybe we will end up riding together. It would be fun!

  3. omg doesn't it stink. well at least instead of being on facebook or blogger i actually got on the treadmill last night, but then with the rest of my free time i baked cookies. lol!